Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks, Pumpkins!

A friend posted this status on Facebook:

Really looking forward to Thanksgiving week on Facebook. It'll be so refreshing to read all of your grateful statuses along with pictures of food. 

Because we never get to see that normally.

He has a very (sarcastic) point. To me, the #grateful and #blessed status always seems to be some sort of backdoor brag and it can be a little wearing. That's when I log off for a bit. The food shots I love. Keep documenting your food!

I'm not always a curmudgeon. That's just my online persona. The real life LuRuSo believes in full-on appreciation for what you have everyday, minus the hashtags. I am thankful for my caring and hilarious family, my close knit circle of friends, health, and the growth, adventure, and lessons that I have been gifted in this past year. Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday for me, and not just because I am a mashed potato fiend (although that plays a big part). I cherish the time dedicated to being with those you love and who love you.

But there is something else I'm very thankful for.

Lucy and her Pumpkin

I can do pumpkin year round, but from September thru November, my mind can only focus on that firm orange orb of goodness. Here are some items my pumpkin brain has been liking:

How do you make a pumpkin pie even more delicious? Brulee it! How did we never think of this? I love any excuse to dust off my mini blow torch. It brings me back to my Madeline's dessert counter days.  Try it - I promise that torching sugar will make you feel like a badass.

The Baker Chick shares my view of all pumpkin, all the time, and I turn to her blog during the season as it is chocked full of pumpkin recipes. My old standard for pumpkin bread was quickly replaced by her Easy One-bowl Pumpkin Bread. So spicy and so, so, so EASY. I actually decided to bake it up in muffin tins with the addition of cinnamon chips that were hanging out in my fridge.

There is something so glorious about adding chips to batter. And strangely calming?

This will be repeated again and again. So good!

Of course, I could have stuck to the loaf form, in which case I'd choose to bake it in this adorable pan:

In fact, I'm all about pumpkin-themed cooking vessels. How cute is this cocotte?

As all of your pumpkin goodies are baking away, you should be enjoying a crisp pumpkin ale. But which one?

Pumpkin is also one of the few food items that is good for pups by helping with the digestive system. Reading the list of human quality ingredients in these treats, you understand why your furry friend gobbles them up.

Pumpkin is not just satisfying to your appetite. It's packed with enzymes that help brighten and enliven dull skin. This line has gotten good reviews although most claim that the spot on scent will tempt you to lick your face!

Linnea's Lights continues to be one of my favorite soy candle companies. Their scents never disappoint, aren't too overpowering, and burn beautifully.

Post carving season, you can still use pumpkins (and other gourds) for festive holiday decor. This blog showcases various decorating techniques using office supplies. Genius crafting!

Starbucks had this as their App of the Week not long ago. One of my favorite TV specials, on the go!

For the grand finale, if you really want to combine some of my favorite "likes" of pumpkin, beer, artisanal products, eco-friendly and beauty...well, this soap fits the bill.

Hoping your Thanksgiving Holiday is filled with all that warms you, makes you smile and yes, be thankful.

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