Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Apples and Babs

On a whim, I saw Barbra Streisand perform in Brooklyn at the shiny new Barclays Center
My fascination with Ms. Streisand came unexpectedly when I was in my tween years. I remember it was summer and I had been playing outside. Probably had pulled some old mattresses into the yard in order to create an advanced pretend game of Olympics gymnastics with the neighbor kids. We never messed around whilst playing pretend. We took that stuff seriously. I ran inside to grab some KoolAid popsicles (does anyone else remember those?) for the gang and on my way out I was stopped before I could even open the garage door by a voice...the voice. The TV had been left on in the living room and trancelike I moved slowly toward that voice, as the popsicles began to drip down my arm. "I'd rather be blue thinking of you...". It was this lady:

I'm pretty sure I ended up finishing the movie (and the popsicles) and never returning to Pretend Olympics.

Fast forward to the Barclays.
The space is magnificent, as is the voice. Still!

That same weekend I was to go apple picking. Which I also have a great fondness for.

I mentioned to my friend AC what a faboo weekend it was going to be since it contained Apples & Babs. She commented that the pairing would make an awesome band name.

So, I do declare: when I form a band it shall be called Apples & Babs.

This officially replaces my former band name (even though I don't have a band or any real plans to form a band), Stale Peeps.

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  1. So jealous you got to see that show!! I am so in love with her, duh ;)