Sunday, September 16, 2012

You Put A Beer Can WHERE?

Sunday suppers. It's a nice concept. Sort of like Sunday drives. Leisurely, honoring togetherness and savoring the time and peace before another busy work week begins. Sunday suppers seem traditional, homey, and warm. Not too fussy, but always crafted with thoughtful care and conversation.

And then you add bacon.
I almost can hear a collective scream from all of my vegan friends.

I know its been around for some time, but this past year I've been hearing a lot of murmors (and Facebook posts) about beer can chicken. Being apartment dwellers, we can't easily grill out, but my hope for this boozified creation was renewed when I heard that you can just as well make it in the oven.


I basically followed THIS recipe with a few alterations:
  • I added a few more "aromatics" inside the cavity: fresh herbs, more garlic (always), and some fresh squeezed lime juice.
  • Believe it or not, I cut way back on the bacon. I draped three strips over the bird-that way we still had some left for breakfast this week. Mmmmm...bacon...
  • When it was time to turn down the oven heat, I went to 375 degrees instead of 325 degrees. Perfect!
  • Made a quick pan gravy from the drippings and beer.
I went with a PorkSlap Pale Ale. Not too hoppy, not too sweet. Buttery, malty, and mimics the ginger in the chicken rub. Plus, those happy pigs had the right attitude for this meal.

Of course, you can use whatever your little beer heart desires, even Bud, I suppose (now it's time for my collective scream).

I have to say, it was really, really, really, really good. Like, I would never want documentation as to how I ate this meal.

Oh, and vegans - we did have some veg:
Aren't purple carrots cool?

It would be fun to experiment with how various beers flavor and moisten the chicken. And with the beer scene booming, it won't be hard to find lots of options to play with. Our latest visit to Whole Foods yielded two local canned craft brews and growler refills.

Happy tummies fuel happy minds which make Mondays all the more doable.
This Sunday Supper thing could stick.

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