Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Eat, Papa, Eat!"

Any guesses as to what movie the post title is quoting? Hint: It has to do with the color red.

 A lot of eating goes on this time of year and rightly so. That's what thick Irish wool sweaters and staying in the apartment watching Netflix under a throw are for. No need for flaunting the bod Oct-May. At least not in the places I've resided in (Minnesota, Ithaca, & New York City). Plus, "nobody likes a skinny Santa".

These slow-cooked, heavy duty foods may get a little complicated to conjure up, but playing with spices, aromatics, and roasting makes you feel part witch/part Ina (more about her later).
A few weeks ago we indulged in a seemingly lunch-like dinner: soup, salad, and bread. But the layering of numerous spices and hearty ingredients made it very seasonal and very fulfilling.

First up: Tyler Florence's fall salad that I originally spied HERE. I added some grape tomatoes & bacon crumbles, and subbed in spinach. Lots of fall flavor. I hope so; it's in the name.

We paired it with one of my favorites - Andaluca Butternut Squash Apple Soup.

This classic fall recipe choice has the addition of leeks.
I knew nothing about leeks prior to this recipe, but found David Lebovitz's blog very informative (as usual). I kind of want to put leeks in everything now.

Seattle based Andaluca also has a divine spicy sangria that we made use of during Hurricane Irene.

We finished by whipping up an easy homemade cinnamon applesauce thanks to a jaunt out to Warick, NY.

Next up...
Bought THIS the other day using a gift certificate I won (I won! I won! I never win things!) reading THIS blog.

Then, I met THIS lady.
See? Proof.

The only problem now? No idea how to cook a turkey. Maybe her book I bought for full price (Full price! Full price! I never pay full price!) will give me some guidance.

Accepting tips

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