Saturday, November 3, 2012

Making Wishes

Gee, I had a swell birthday. My big wish for my big day was to have peace and contentment. Nothing too splashy, too lavish, or too emotional. I just wanted a good day. 
And it was just that.

It didn't hurt that I got a sugary sneak preview the night before.

We had fun rearranging those letters, scrabble style, to see what humor could come of it.

The morning was even better than the Birthday Eve, starting with my favorite delivery.

I received a thoughtful Top 10 Presents that Lucy Does Not Need for Her Birthday that made me laugh, cry, and then laugh some more. One of the non-gifts on the countdown was a Jesse Ventura Doll.
I won't make you guess which number that was.

With our bellies full (of more than just cupcakes, I promise), we jaunted slightly upstate, for some fresh air and fallen leaves.
The crunch beneath my feet was the ultimate satisfaction.

For those in the NYC area looking to tromp around, this book is a useful guide:

And what pairs well with hiking? Peanut butter + Jelly. Salt + Pepper. Kate + Allie. Arsenic + Old Lace.

Hiking + ...
It just so happened that Captain Lawrence Brewing Company was around the corner from our outdoor adventure.  For $2, you receive a souvenir tasting glass and unlimited tastes to fill it with. Luckily for our soberness, we arrived toward closing, but we still were able to sample the brews, fill up two growlers, and munch on some gourmet hotdogs, to boot!

Still time for a great movie
(Ryan Gosling eyeing my popcorn)
and then back home for more cupcakes.

It turns out that last weekend really was the calm before the storm. We were some of the lucky ones to survive Sandy relatively unharmed, but it's shocking to see what damage has been done to such a strong city. But, it's going to be ok and I think there will be a sunny future ahead for the tristate area.

Let's all make a wish for that.

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