Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Get Your Candy On

I've just returned from a local bar where Oscar the Grouch served me (grouchily, of course) a Bronx Pale Ale and the 3rd tipsy witch of the evening belted out a passionate and off-key karaoke rendition of Crazy.

Man, I LOVE Halloween.

I could assemble quite the Halloween Top 10 List, consisting of moments such as playing a Las Vegas roulette table as Snow White (and winning!) or dancing ala Strawberry Shortcake with a man dressed in S&M-wear while volunteering for the Mental Health Association of Tompkins County. Of course, the Halloween Snowstorm of 1991 would have to make the list. But, I'll save those for another post. The treat that caught my fancy this October 31st was the onslaught of "sexy not sexy costumes". Let me illustrate:

Sexy Not Sexy Where's Waldo:

Sexy Not Sexy M&M:

Sexy Not Sexy Gumby:

Sext Not Sexy Instant Noodles:

Sexy Not Sexy Adult Highlighter:

Sexy Not Sexy Owl:

And perhaps without a doubt my favorite, Sexy Not Sexy Bacon!:

Because that's exactly how I want to spend $50.

You see, I'm more of a Man-Eating Shark or Pilgram kind of gal.

But those costumes sure make me laugh - thanks, Target!

Oh, and we went with the raptor for B:


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