Monday, April 16, 2012

Smiley Sunday

Another Sunday worth smiling about.

The sun was shining away this weekend, which reminded me of a need for new sunglasses (or, one of my favorite Spanish words, gafas del sol). I'll never buy expensive sunglasses, umbrellas, or socks, since I tend to end up losing them, but the downside to the above plan is that the cheap ones break often. Hence, new sunglasses.
Urban Outfitters always has a good, affordable collection ranging between classy glam:
to the utmost silly:
I picked somewhere in between.

We had a grand brunch at Community Food & Juice. It was quite the debate narrowing down our order, but Richard came out on top with his choice of Blueberry Pancakes with warm Maple Butter. 

Luckily, he shared. These were unbelievably good. I'm having trouble even posting this picture without my stomach grumbling. Seems that the famed Clinton St Bakery is a sister restaurant, so I'm hoping whipping up a homemade batch from THIS recipe will produce the same mouth-watering results.

For the first time since B was a pup, I caught the cherry blossoms along the reservoir. Truly one of my favorite places in New York City. 

Caught them just in time!

I also purchased (and filled) my very first growler. This service is popping up all over NYC now. I found my brew at Whole Foods, but I'm especially curious about local Duane Reades being craft beer enablers.

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