Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Falling For You

It's fall, y'all (sorry, I was just in Virginia). For the past month, there have been hints: flu shot reminders, drugstores loaded with Halloween candy and plastic masks, espadrilles sales, butternut squash soup on menus, and yes, even a sweater vest or two. But now it's official.
Fall is here.

So let's talk about summer.

What comes to mind when thinking back to those dog days...

Corn. Lots of corn.

It is to be expected since my roots grow from the Golden Buckle on the Corn Belt.
Aw, shucks.

Breakfast-homemade and out & about.

Good beer.

Eye patch not included...

Family & lake cabins.

And the fun that evolves.



Jersey Shore with remarkably warm waters.

Singing. Four voices as one.

As well as listening to others sing. Sing grand.

Travel. Lots.


And Vermont skies that left me speechless as to a proper color description.

Summer 2011, thank you for being a surprising, adventuresome, and healing summer surrounded by friends and family. 

Now, Fall, take the baton and RUN.

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