Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Likes of Leucey

Manhattanites seem to have an issue with the name Lucy. They don't get it. Pair it with Sorensen (not even a -son, but a -sen), and the confusion is escalated. 80% of the time when I state my name, the NYCer replies back, "Leesy?" "Lacy?" "Suzy?" "Lisa?". All of these names are apparently more common than Lucy. If they say it correctly, then the spelling is questionable.
Starbucks - NYC

Last week I was working in a fancy schmancy building with fancy schmancy elevators. 

The front desk person (John) called up to the apartment I was caring for to officially have my name on record.

John: Can I get your name?
LuRuSo: Of course. Lucy.
John: Sorry?
LuRuSo: Lucy.
John: Leesy. OK.
LuRuSo: No, Luuuuucy.
John: OK. So that's L...e...
LuRuSo: u.
John: L...e...u...
LuRuSo: No, no e.
John: L...e...e...
LuRuSo: No, sorry. It's Luuuuucy.
John: Leesy.
LuRuSo: Uh, no. Lucy. Like I Love Lucy.
John: (awkward pause). Huh?
LuRuSo: Nevermind.
John: So, Leu...
LuRuSo: cy.
John: ...cey.
LuRuSo: Yep, thank you.

This might be caused by the lack of personalized souvenirs for the name Lucy. As you see, it goes from Lori right on to Luke. Poor Lucy.
Dylan's Candy Bar - NYC

I had hopes that my home state would at least recognize me. Luis beat me out. 
MSP Giftshop

The search for my identity on a tchotchke continues...

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