Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Book Sandwich

School is in session. Time to hit the books...or at least organize them.

Double (or triple) duty. Plus, cool design concept:

For those Type A types:

A little doxie decor does the trick:

B had to inspect to verify correct dimensions & scent:

Another dog:

For the kiddies:

Housing help:

When you are bemoaning the end of Shark Week:

Telling it like it is:

Now for the filling! Anyone have book recommendations for fall to winter reading? I've been very into the classics as of late, but would love some modern must-reads to add to the list.

 For those fans of Gilmore Girls, I recently ran across Rory's Reading List (in a few different formats/sources), cataloging all of the books Rory mentions or visibly is reading on the show. It's a fun (and daunting?) list to tackle.

P.S. After finishing this post, I came across a Design Sponge compilation of the same matter (great minds?). So, I will share their finds as well:

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