Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 Minnesota State Fair

It was another fine day spent at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. The skies were overcast, which was practically perfect, as I usually pick the most humid/heatstroke-worthy day to attend.

I'd say the State Fair comes closest to providing the same overstimulation as New York City. I was somewhat comforted because I had been lacking social media posting inspiration being among tame and nice midwesterners. The fair was my chance to get back in the status update game! As a friend of mine mused about finding wack-a-doodles at the event, if you don't find inspiration at the Fair, then you are in the wrong cheese curd line.

Minnesota State Fair. 2014. A to Z.

A is for Another Hundred People:

B is for Buddies:

C is for Carved Curds & Whey:

D is for Designated Driver:

E is for Express Yourself:

F is for Four-Wheel Drive:

G is for Giddy-up:

H is for Homage:

I is for Infrastructure:

J is for Jack-O-Lantern Jackpot:

K is for Knitted:

L is for Llama Love:

M is for Minnesota Miss:

N is for Nostalgic:

O is for Options:

P is for Pick Me Up:

Q is for Quack:

R is for Related?:

S is for Sing Out, Louise!:

T is for Transport:

U is for Unfortunate Across the Street Location:

V is for View from Lulu's:

W is for Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?:

X is for Xanthic:

Y is for You Never Know:

Z is for Zero Calories:
Peaches & Cream Scone

Savory Scone

Chicken in the Waffle


Comet Corn

Hotdish on a Stick


Pretzel Curds

Until next time, Minnesota State Fair - I'll bring my stretchy pants!

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